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Pseudo-lurker who doesn't participate in many games or RP's. Is most active in the Crossover Wars. May be the harbinger of doom for RPs: Any RP he has joined, with the exception of the Crossover Wars, has either died or failed to start. He has also tried to start an RP of his own, but that too failed miserably, despite a fairly original concept. He understands that most of his characters began as self-insert 'Gary Stus', and apologizes for that.

The Poster known as Jstone

Jstone is nothing special in real life. He's pretty much your standard nerd, being obsessed with computers, science fiction, and anime. One interesting distinction is that he's also an open-source nerd: he runs Linux on his personal computer, with his current configuration being Ubuntu 10.04, with a number of GUI customizations, running on a Dell Latitude d420.

An interesting tidbit: Jstone had completely abandoned the Keenspot forums in mid 2009, and has only recently returned due to the efforts of Xepharon

Northern Michigan Anime Convention

Jstone has also gotten himself involved with an anime club that runs a yearly convention at his local college. It's still a small event, but has managed to attract some not-so-small stars: the latest being Vic Mignogna, voice of Edward Elric, Tamaki Suou, and Fai Flourite, among others.

RP Assets

Jstone isn't involved in many RPs (see the first paragraph on this page for an explanation,) but has listed those few characters (and others,) that he does control here.

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